Network Operating Center

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A NOC (Network Operations center) is established in a company as a focal point for providing remote monitoring and control services for its valuable assets and data located at geographically dispersed sites. Additionally, the internal networks of an organization are also managed from the NOC by dedicated support engineers. They are next only to Datacenters in terms of the expenses and risks they pose. This is because the monitoring infrastructure is as mission-critical as the equipment it is watching over.

Key operations that need to be performed at a NOC are:

  • Create visualization of the networks being monitored
  • Provide technical and operational overview of all network devices
  • 24×7 supervised operation of all servers and services
  • Provide geographic redundancy
  • Proactive monitoring of network for alarms and important event notifications regarding any network irregularity
  • Perform network troubleshooting by remote communication with site technicians
  • Escalate problems to higher appropriate personnel
  • Software distribution and remote firmware updating