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The rapid expansion of the retail business and opening of new stores at such a brisk rate has led to a rapid data growth in tracking new stores, inventories, employees and customers. Accommodating this fast-paced business growth while keeping operational costs under control is the main challenge faced by these retail companies. The store managers have a lot of independence in running their retail operations, but they depend on headquarters for centralized support for all data capture, analysis and storage. This generates the need for a robust IT platform that could cater to these requisites and also address the issues of security, redundancy and scalability.

All the major enterprise applications of the retail companies including data warehouses, human resources, financial databases, merchandise planning and e-mail need to be stored and managed at their datacenters. In addition to this, superior power and cooling options along with multiple levels of uninterruptible power supplies that ensures zero downtime are also an absolute necessity for them.

Key issues:

  • 24×7 supervised operation of all servers and services
  • Software distribution and remote firmware updating
  • Scalability of storage environment to accommodate the data growth