Activity Highlights

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Working in Schneider Electric President is an exciting and challenging experience. The environment offers one of the finest learning platforms for a professional and helps one grow. We pride ourselves on being employee-centric in all our activities. A number of people-initiatives are taken to recognize the achievements of our colleagues. We honor excellence in all our endeavors.

A few activity highlights:

  • Employee of the Month – Each month Schneider Electric President recognizes an outstanding employee for his sustained dedication, hard work, and contribution to our growth.
  • Department of the Month – At our manufacturing units the best department is recognized and rewarded each month, based on a range of objective performance criteria.
  • Pat on the Back Award – Employees are given “Spot awards” in recognition of their outstanding performance over a period of time.
  • Long Service Awards – A testimony to the core strength of our organization, and to emphasize the immense value we place on our human assets, Schneider Electric President rewards its employees on successful completion of each five years of service. It is a tribute to our rock solid foundation that the bulk of our staff has completed more than 10 years in our organization.
  • President Star Scheme – This scheme identifies and recognizes people in Sales on the basis of the knowledge and skills they possess related to our company’s products and business. The scheme also encourages and motivates people to continually improve their knowledge and skill levels in order to excel in their professional careers
  • President Day – Celebrated on 8th of November each year, this is an event where the employees and their families get together and have a day-long outing at a tourist site and have fun together. We build bonds for life.
  • Time Share Facility – Schneider Electric President has tied up with Sterling Resorts for a Time Share Facility at their holiday resorts across India. Several employees happily utilize this unique facility.
  • Birthday Celebrations – We celebrate the birthdays of our employees with traditional cake-cutting, cards and bouquets.
  • Communication Meetings – Open house meetings are held at all locations of Schneider Electric President every six months to facilitate creative ideas, views, suggestions and opinions. Change for the better is our dictum.