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About Global DataCenter Management Limited (GDCM)

Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) was founded in 2003 with the aim of allowing organisations to increase efficiency and reduce cost within data centers – as well as to reducing power consumption and addressing environmental obligations. Today, GDCM provides data center software and consultancy services designed to help data center managers make the most of their IT investments while minimizing complexity and costs. GDCM’s flagship product, nlyte, is the only data center management tool to provide an intelligent and automated view of all physical and virtual assets and workgroups within the data center.

About APW President Systems partnership with GDCM

APW President Systems, a leading provider of data center infrastructure solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Global DataCenter Management (GDCM), the leading provider of data center management solutions, to supply GDCM’s nlyte solution across the Middle East Region. APW President Systems will be responsible for engaging new customers through their extensive sales network in the region, managing local implementation and providing ongoing support. nlyte is aimed at helping organisations achieve a complete view of their data centers, allowing them to intelligently manage power consumption, reduce greenhouse emissions and increase the lifetime of assets, among other benefits. In line with the company’s plans, APW President sees the partnership with GDCM as an opportunity to help data center customers to usher in the latest tools and facilities (such as nlyte) in planning and green IT management strategy.

nlyte® Overview

nlyte provides a complete solution for data center performance management.  The core product provides a basic set of modules that lets you Visualize the physical infrastructure, and Model the Move, Add, Change (MAC) initiatives across your data center estate.  We also include a number of fully integrated optional modules to support the other steps of the data center performance management cycle, including the ability to automatically Discover your IT assets, Control over your data center processes and personnel, an integrated business intelligence package allowing you to Report on your progress, and a trending and forecasting module to Predict capacity resources well into the future.

nlyte solves the issues faced by today’s organizations, such as optimizing under-utilized IT equipment, working faster and smarter with less resources, and balancing and optimizing your critical data center capacity resources of power, cooling and space.

The nlyte Data Center Performance Management modules are represented in the following diagram:


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