Monitoring Solutions

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About Unite Technologies

Unite Technologies Ltd (formed in 2007 through the merger of two established British companies, Comrac Ltd and Sinetica Corporation Ltd.) specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and management of data center and computer room cabinet infrastructure, monitoring, control and reporting systems. The company supplies a range of solutions for power delivery, monitoring and outlet control; environmental management, alarming and reporting; cabinet and room security; local and remote access and the provision of management information for data center capacity planning, power saving and trend analysis. With 25 years of experience, Unite Technologies is considered to be the UK’s market leading IT Systems integrator for the data center and network infrastructure industries.

About APW President Systems partnership with Unite Technologies

APW President Systems, a leading provider of data center infrastructure solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Unite Technologies Ltd, a market leader in data center integration technology to distribute Unite’s data center monitoringand management solutions across the Middle East Region. APW President Systems will be engaging new customers through their extensive sales network in the region, managing local implementation and providing ongoing support.

With many legacy data centers increasingly generating more heat and often with inadequate cooling, there are increasing demands to operate more efficiently and safely within existing infrastructure and power constraints. For data center customers, the innovative offerings from Unite Technologies such as the ‘non-invasive’ monitoring technology and server installation facility will help improve data center efficiency and safety substantially. APW President sees the partnership with Unite Technologies as an opportunity to help our customers improve data center management practices.