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  • cl-amp

Non-invasive AC Electrical Current Monitoring Technology.

An asset for improving energy efficiency for legacy data centres.

The CL-Amp is a purpose-built monitoring solution for retrofit, newly built and legacy electrical installation monitoring. It enables legacy data centres to be monitored and managed (in order to regain power and cooling capacity), without scheduled power downtime associated with traditional monitoring technologies.

The CL-Amp increases visibility of power demand in a cost effective and efficient ‘non-invasive’ manner, providing users far greater control in the ability to identify available capacity, make informed decisions, calculate ‘what-if’ scenarios, perform risk analysis and drive down costs, thereby greatly improving the drive for energy efficiency.

An open fork in the CL-Amp enables it to be placed directly over a power cable and a choice of locking-ring collars to suit most international 13A, 16A and 32A cable sizes are provided. Each locking-ring separates into two halves and is placed around the power cable and pushed into the CL-Amp clamping bore, retaining the cable with a neat twist and lock action. A very lightweight device, it is designed to be installed at any convenient location on the cable.

CL-Amp Features

  • Uses patented technology for current measurement in the data centre, computer room and PC environments.
  • A small compact electrical current meter capable of non-invasively measuring real-time A.C. currents on typical data centre power supply feeds rated up to 32A.
  • High quality robust plastic, conforming to international electrical and EMC standards.
  • Attachment does NOT require power down of the measured feed.
  • CL-Amp appears as a standard PDU input to the PowerHawk-2, Hawk-i2, Hawk-i3 and Eagle-i units for remote monitoring and real time alerting.
  • Capable of measuring A.C. electrical currents up to 60A.
  • Can be used to bring monitoring functionality to non-intelligent power strips.