Enterprise Device Manager

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  • edm-625x487

Device Management & Control

Enterprise Device Manager is an enterprise-level device monitoring, control and asset management application.

This web-based application allows users to monitor and control hundreds or even thousands of devices from a single console. Through its secure web interface, you can view the infrastructure from any browser within the company intranet.

Attractive, Intuitive Layout

  • Real-world representation of your infrastructure
  • Import your own data centre layout
  • Drill down to the rack level

Easy to Use

  • Clear, easy to read intuitive screens using Macromedia Flash with real-time updating
  • Automatically discovers supported devices
  • Minimal SNMP knowledge required (no MIB compilation)
  • Configurable hierarchy allows you to easily group devices by location, type or function


  • Provides individual device log files for trending and event logging purposes.
  • Users can easily manage inventory and create and save custom reports.

Intelligent Alarm Processing

  • Only active alarms are displayed in the alarm viewer (all alarms are saved to log file).
  • Recognises when an alarm condition has cleared and automatically updates the alarm display and event log.

Global Sets

  • Configure multiple devices with a single click.

Multi-Protocol Support

  • SNMP
  • Telnet
  • Web (secure and non-secure)
  • XML
  • Modbus