Server Lifter

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The Server Lifter is the only purpose-designed electrically powered, heavy duty 12V model currently available in the marketplace. It is capable of lifting servers up to 136kg, as high as 2.44m,  taking up only 600mm of aisle space.

As an advanced server (and overall datacentre installation solution) device, it is designed to meet strict computer centre maintenance requirements. It offers a safe, effective and efficient environment when managing the installation, service and migration of computer servers and related hardware. It is an ideal solution to minimise system downtime and avoid hardware loss and damage.

The Server Lifter, a compact and heavy duty structure, but with sleek design, is able to easily navigate its way through standard aisles and doorways, allowing a high degree of maneuverability. Coupled with this is an automatic, telescopic and locking vari-speed hoist system, providing both accurate positioning and rapid vertical movement. This allows for optimal use in and around computer facilities and server farms. Four front padded, non-scuffing 360 degree pivoting and locking castors facilitate navigation and mobility whilst protecting floors and surfaces.

Once the Server Lifter is in position, it is a simple task to release the platform and lock and slide the server into the cabinet easily and safely.


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