SMB KVM Switches

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You can enjoy simpler KVM switching with local virtual media support, advanced cabling options and easier access to servers and other network devices in your midsize data center. With Avocent AutoView® KVM switches, your choices have never been better.

AutoView KVM switching systems feature cabling options that let you manage PS/2, USB, Sun and serial devices from one solution. Integrated access cables provide keyboard, video and mouse connectivity in one, slim CAT 5 cable, which reduces cable bulk and saves time and money. A smart chip interface automatically assigns and retains unique server names for each attached server.

You can connect multi-platform servers to a single switch and configure servers at the rack with an On-Screen Display (OSD). The convenient OSD lets you easily name and select your servers.

The AutoView 2020 and 2030 switches feature local Virtual Media for connecting USB media devices. With Virtual Media, you can transfer data that is stored on CDs, USB thumb drives, USB external hard drives or any other media source between targets.