Analog Console Extension

LongView 1000R Extender

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The addition of a LongView®1000R receiver unit lets you add a second user to your LV1000P or LV1000U extender system up to 1,000 feet away.

Connect a UTP cable between the LV1000R receiver and the spare port on the AMIQDM transmitter module. Your LV1000P/U extender system will then let a second user access the attached computer with the same benefits as the original user, even the unique AutoTuning® technology feature.

LongView Wired Extender Quick Facts

  • Separate users up to 1,000 feet from computers
  • User PC experience unaffected over distance of 1,000 feet
  • Extends audio and serial ports
  • The single cable-to-user design simplifies installation and moves
  • The LV1000 with its dual transmitter will support connectivity to a second user station