Datacenter Management Software

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DSView 3 management software:Secure, centralized access and control
Avocent DSView® 3 management software provides data centers with secure, centralized management for physical and virtual IT assets. By allowing administrators to remotely diagnose and modify any managed device, regardless of the health or status of the OS or network connection, DSView 3 software makes data center management and remote offices more accessible, extensible and secure.

DSView 3 software provides a single, secure, browser-based interface to manage your entire data center environment, including the following:

  • Citrix® XenServerTM and virtual machines
  • VMware Virtual Infrastructure, including Virtual Centers, ESX Servers and Virtual Machines
  • Blade servers and enclosures
  • Embedded service processors
  • Rack-mounted servers
  • Cyclades® ACS advanced console servers
  • DSR® KVM over IP switches
  • PM Intelligent Power Distribution Units (IPDUs)
  • MergePoint® service processor management devices

Data centers evolve. Whether migrating to blades, experimenting with SANs or testing a new router, DSView 3 software helps data center managers maintain control by by integrating with new technologies and providing a consistent interface. DSView 3 software offers deep pre-built integration with HP Software, NetClarity, Uptime Devices, VMware, Citrix and others, and provides an API to enable integration with other applications.

DSView 3 software also provides custom views for each user, graphical report building and task automation tools, and enables a holistic view of network assets. The DS Zones feature offers greater administration control for improved asset accountability and remote office and departmental autonomy.

The “hub and spoke” architecture of DSView 3 software allows for high availability and distributed access across locations. Out-of-band features allow administrators to diagnose and repair problems even when gateways, routers, or other IP connectivity is down.

DSView 3 software easily integrates with existing security infrastructure, authenticating against internal or external standards-based services. All traffic is encrypted and the detailed activity logs provide a critical audit trail for issue resolution and regulatory compliance. Remote management capabilities allow physical lock down of sensitive machines for greater peace of mind.

The DSView 3 Power Manager extends the capability of the DSView 3 software by also giving companies the ability to monitor and measure IT energy consumption, costs, and trends across all levels within their data centers and remote locations.
DSView 3 Management Software Quick Facts

  • Secure, centralized management of infrastructure via a single interface
  • Auto discovery of appliances
  • Hub and spoke architecture for redundancy, real-time updates and load balancing across multiple sites
  • Diagnostic testing from a desktop – across the hall or around the globe
  • Detailed audit logs and reporting
  • Automated updates, file loading and scheduling
  • Simultaneous firmware updates
  • Selectable encryption modes (AES, DES, 3DES, 128bit SSL) to support security policies
  • Authentication against existing services (LDAP, Active Directory, NT Domain, RADIUS, TACACS+, and RSA SecurID)
  • IPv6 capable