GUI over IP switches

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Data center managers around the world use DSR® KVM over IP switches to remotely manage data centers and branches. Avocent DSR switches to reduce downtime and gain access to and control of any connected server or device.

By providing BIOS-level control of all connected servers and serial-based devices in a data center DSR switches enable remote management and power cycling of connected devices and external modem support.

Avocent DSR switches also feature:

  • On-board Web interface compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox
  • Virtual Media capability to map local storage media to a remote server.
  • Support of IPv6 and IPv4 for easier transition.

Add DSView® 3 management software to gain the benefits of centralized management of your DSR switches and attached servers.

DSView 3 software gives you one common interface to access and manage console and power management appliances. It also provides secure access authentication, a failover hub and spoke architecture, event notification and access to IPMI-enabled servers.