Cyclades ACS1 Console Server

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Cyclades® ACS1 advanced console server is a powerful, yet highly compact single-port console server used to connect serial devices to a TCP/IP network. Typical applications include branch office management, console port management, retail automation and IP enabling of legacy serial devices.

Dual PC Card slots allows for enhanced functionality with support for many interface cards, such as Ethernet, modem (V.90, GSM, and ISDN) and wireless LAN.

Cyclades ACS1 console server uses its PowerPC dual CPU to transfer data from its 10/100BT Ethernet interface to its RS-232/RS-485 (software selectable) serial interface and vice versa, enabling communication between the serial device and the network. Cyclades ACS1 console server supports SSHv2 (Secure Shell) for a high degree of security in data connections.

Unlike other console server equipment designed with proprietary software technologies, Cyclades ACS1 console server leverages Embedded Linux and other Open Source software. Users have the flexibility and power to customize its operation, modifying or adding features as needed.

Cyclades ACS1 console server has all of the power and functionality necessary to take network connectivity to the next level.

Cyclades ACS1 console server Quick Facts

  • Secure network management
  • Easy integration with the network and serial devices
  • Flexibility to support existing and future interface types (PC Card support)
  • Rock-solid stability (Linux Inside)