Cyclades CS 16-port console server

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Securely access any serial device from any location with the Cyclades CS4016 16-port console server.

This Cyclades® CS4016 16-port console server simplifies and consolidates access to serial devices with convenient management remotely via an onboard Web interface or at the rack through the local console port. Consolidated access to serial devices such as servers (UNIX, Linux and Solaris), routers, switches, public branch exchange (PBX), telecommunications equipment (DS/CSU) and serial power devices eases management complexities in medium to large server rooms.

Cyclades CS Quick Facts

  • Consolidate all serial port access via a single interface
  • Access devices via the local serial port (in-band) or remotely using TCP/IP or dial-up (out-of-band)
  • Simplify access and control of any serial computing device from any location
  • Separate authentication to access ports and console server