MergePoint 5300 Service Processor Manager

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Avocent MergePoint® Service Processor Managers (SPMs) allow IT organizations to streamline data center management and reduce operational costs by leveraging the service processor technologies already present in their servers. The MergePoint 5300 appliances proactively monitor and maintain server health, enabling faster troubleshooting and problem resolution that ensures servers are up and running 24/7.

Features and Benefits

  • Single Console for Multiple Service Processor Types – Consolidated server management regardless of the type of embedded management technologies in use
  • IPMI Provisioning – Faster, easier IPMI deployment
  • Embedded DHCP Server – Reduces cost of IP management on the system management network
  • Service Processor Auto Discovery – Better use of already deployed server management capabilities
  • Integration with DSView® 3 Management Software – Provides a single interface for management of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Support for Industry Standard Communications – SMASH 2.0, WS-Man improves automation and integration with other management tools
  • SoL, Power Control, Hardware Monitoring and Alerts – Complete, full-featured, remote server management from a single interface
  • Event and Alert Management – Enables proactive response to server issues
  • Group Execution of Commands – Control the server infrastructure as a whole