Service Processor Management

MergePoint SP5324/5340

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The MergePoint® series of service processor managers, the MergePoint® SP5324/5340 appliance provides secure Serial over LAN (SoL) console access, power control and server hardware monitoring, and the Native IP feature, this feature allows for systems management applications secure access to the related programmatic interface and network protocols for the service processor. The MergePoint® SP5324/5340 also allows for SP auto discovery.

When used in conjunction with DSView® 3 management software, the MergePoint® SP5324/5340 SP manager consolidates server access and control into one secure, out-of-band platform for more simple management of disparate and dispersed IT equipment in data centers and remote offices.

MergePoint SP5324/5340 Quick Facts

  • Heterogeneous management of servers using service processor technologies
  • Physical secure consolidation of service processors to one central management interface
  • Server power control through service processor technologies
  • Secure access to the service processors’ native interfaces