EMC Cabinets

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The Electromagnetically Compatible (EMC) cabinet family from APW President is based on an extremely rugged steel 19″ enclosure system. These cabinets provide a high level of RFI shielding so as to protect sensitive electronic equipment housed inside them against interference from external electromagnetic radiation.

These EMC cabinets have been carefully engineered to provide between 30 – 55 db of signal attenuation in the frequency range of 1 MHz – 1000 MHz. The RFI gaskets used are combination elastomer gaskets which provide not just radiation sealing, but environmental sealing as well.


  • Conform to DIN 41494
  • Front and rear door made of 1.5mm thick sheet steel
  • All doors and panels are electro zinc plated (with yellow chromate passivation) on the inside so as to provide high conductivity
  • Doors are provided with strong hinges and a 3-pt locking system to ensure proper sealing against radiation
  • Load rating upto 900 kgs

Product Catalogue

  • emc-s36-full