Networking Racks

Closed Racks

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Networking has become a critical part of all corporate infrastructure. In a datacenter, where a multitude of users could be housing their IT equipment, the Closed Network Cabinet solution is ideal. A Closed Network Cabinet offers enhanced security for the front and back, as well as the sides of the cabinet.  A Closed Network Cabinet should have additional space within the cabinet to route cables. Ideally, the design should be 800mm wide, with a Reducing Cable Channel to convert the cabinet into 19-inch formats so that all equipment can be accommodated.

President offers a comprehensive range of Cable Control Accessories. This includes products for Window Molding, Cable Retention, Cable Baskets etc. These accessories help in maintaining the optimal cable bend radius, thus reducing the losses associated with improper bending. It also prevents stretching or stressing cables, and over-tightening of cable ties.