LCD17 Dual-Rail Rack Console

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The 1U high LCD17 dual-rail rack console provides out-of-band access to KVM switches for convenient access and control of your PCs and servers. Its flexible design is well-suited for the small to medium-size business environment, data centers and server rooms.

The LCD17 rack console unique dual rail design allows the keyboard and 17-inch LCD display to slide in and out independently of each other for easy operator use. You can view the display even when the rack door is closed. For the security-conscious user, a key lock prevents access to the keyboard or LCD trays.

LCD Rack Console Quick Facts

  • Grade A monitor, 17-inch TFT active-matrix with 1280×1024 resolution @ 60Hz
  • Dual rail design lets you view panel through closed door
  • Out-of-band access to your critical servers is non-intrusive to your network and reduces downtime
  • Key lock provides an additional level of physical security
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) in multiple languages
  • Sun video support and Sun function keys
  • Ball bearing design eases keyboard and monitor movement
  • Simple and quick installation saves time