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President Systems are loaded with high performance accessories. A wide range of highly engineered accessories catering from Shelf’s to Cable management, to suit specific application needs. Electronic and Electrical are perfectly integrated to enhance the safety and security in enclosures.

Accessories Description Visual
Shelves and Trays
Shelves and Trays are useful for housing of equipment that is not directly 19″ rack-mountable.

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• Stationary Shelves
• Sliding Shelves
• Cantilever Shelves
• Chassis Trays
• Heavy Duty Shelves
• Universal Shelf
• Rotary Keyboard Tray
Supports and Angles
These items are needed for support of Shelves and Trays, vertical angles and cable channels.
• Chassis Supports
• Cantilever Supports
• Reducing Channels
• Support Angles
• 19″ Equipment Mounting Angles
Electrical Items
The accessories in this section help to provide reliable electrical contacts, solid earthing of all metallic parts and sound Thermal Management
• Fan Trays
• Fan Housing Unit
• Cooling Fans
• Fan Tray for Door Mounting
• Power Distribution Units
• AC Mains Channel
• Earthing Accessories
Cable Management Accessories
These accessories make possible the orderly, structured routing and support of cables so as to prevent loss of data due to deteriorating data transmission.
• Cable Manager
• Cable Channel
• Cable Loops
• Cable Extender
• Cabling Bobbins
• Cable Retention Bobbins
• Window Mouldings
• Cable Management Panel 1U
• Cable Management Panel 2U
• CAT5 Cable Retention Panel
• Cable Storage Shelf 2U
Power Distribution Units
Power Distribution Unit is critical component with the cabinet. It is available in 19″ ( Horizontal) and Vertical mounting positions.

• Octagonal 5/15amp sockets PDU
 –  Horizontal
 –  Vertical

• IEC C13/19 sockets PDU
 –  Horizontal
 –  Vertical

The variety of accessory items in this section make it possible to overcome all manner of installation problems with ease and professionalism.
• Captive Mounting Hardware
• Aluminium Blank Panels
• Castors
• Retractable Stabilizer
• Lifting Bolts
• Legs
• Base Frame
• Coupling Hardware Kits
Electronic Accessories
These specialized items provide a new dimension of security for mission – critical installations.
• Monitored Fan Tray
• Fire Alarm Unit
• Alphanumeric Display Unit
• Keypad Digital Lock
• Electronic Locking System
• Temperature Indicator