Table Rack

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The TableRack series from President is designed for table-top and floor standing use. This 19″ enclosure is similar to the Wall Mount Units, but has a front and rear door. It is meant for use either on the table top (with feet) or under the table (with castors). It accepts all equipment conforming to 19″ rack mounting specifications.

The TableRack is ideal for use by small businesses, self-employed professionals such as doctors, lawyers, tax consultants, estate agents and others who require to secure their information database and equipment. They are also well suited for use in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, R&D establishments, nursing homes, retail outlets and other small business establishments.


  • Rigid frame construction
  • Vented Front glass door with a fully vented rear steel door
  • Recessible 19” Angles
  • Compatible with standard 19” accessories
  • Load rating upto 100 kgs
  • Top Cover with gland plate and single fan cut-out
  • Powder coated in Black shade

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