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ChillRack is a self-contained server cabinet that works on a closed loop cooling system.  With the rack mount AC unit built into the rack, precise delivery of inlet air and immediate capture of return air keeps the electronic equipment at optimal temperature. Closed-loop cooling addresses the heat load independent of the outside room air temperature.

ChillRack, facilitates the installation and fault-free maintenance of sensitive electronic equipment even in harsh environments where dust, dirt and varying heat levels are common – as in factories, retail outlets, remote offices, warehouses and workspaces in arid locations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Closed loop cooling system – ensures precision cooling
  • Lesser foot print
  • Synchronized air distribution
  • High sensible cooling – custom-designed for server applications
  • Evaporative condensation – for superior AC unit performance
  • High static ‘backward curved’ fan – for long-lasting performance
  • Microprocessor controller with variable digital display
  • Potential free contact alarm

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