Cool Way

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As the majority of servers sold today require air as the cooling medium, it is essential for any datacenter design to ensure that each and every server location be provided with the correct volume, temperature and humidity of air.

Using the Hot/Cold Aisle principle, server racks in modern data centers are arranged perpendicular to the CRAC (Computer Room Air-Conditioning) units. All under-floor obstructions (such as cable trays), should be removed.

According to the Green Grid, cooling solutions consume approximately 63 percent of the power in a datacenter. As the power consumption increases, there is more heat generation, with an increase in carbon emission. Since power is a big expense, any power savings will only mean reduced costs.

By simply preventing the common and increasingly critical problem of short-circuited hot airflow returning directly back into the cold aisle, significant cooling and energy efficiencies are achieved. This is the concept used in President’s Cool Way solution for Cold Aisle Containment.

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