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President’s Cool Rack-HD is an innovative enclosure that can address heat loads upto 10 KW.  This solution is based on simple principle of isolating the incoming cold air from the hot return air being exhausted from the rear of the cabinet. The innovative Fan Exhaust duct combination helps in this isolation of the cold and hot air streams in line with ASHRAE guidelines. This results in tremendous energy savings while maintaining the high heat density servers at comfortable temperatures.

Cold air emitted out from the raised datacenter flooring enters the rack through the front perforated door. The rear door is a plain door with high suction exhaust fans  mounted on the top cover at the rear side which creates negative pressure. All the side openings of the rack in the front are sealed to prevent any air leakages, thereby forcing the cold air to pass through the servers. The exhaust hot air is then taken out of the rack through an exhaust duct which connects the cabinet with the false Ceiling, thus preventing the cold air mixing with the hot air.

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