Air Management Solution


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  • What is CFD ?

It is Computation Fluid Dynamics. This analysis examines every aspect that affects the airflow within your data center and provides temperature pattern inside the room.

  • Any data require to be collected prior to CFD ?

Yes. There is Check list available to capture critical Data in a DC to carry out CFD. The DC layout is also required for CFD analysis

  • Any down time to carry CFD analysis in existing Data Center ?

No, We can carry out this exercise with live Data Center

  • What time frame is required for CFD Analysis ?

It depends on the area of Data Center and the complexities build into it. Generally it takes 2-3 weeks  for first level diagnostic report after data collection.

  • Once we deploy CFD and corrective action, how often should we revisit the Data center and do the analysis ?

Revisiting for analysis is recommended whenever there is a change in the room architect  / addition of any heat load e.g additional servers or expansion of room etc. It is recommended to do the analysis every three month.

  • Can we plan airflow pattern ahead of time ?

Yes. The airflow pattern for new data center can be planned ahead of time. This may eliminate any chances of air loss and improve the efficiency of Precision AC.  For existing data center, we can suggest corrective action for air balancing to achieve required air flow pattern.

  • What incase of expansion, where CFD is already deployed?

As mentioned in earlier answer, we can revisit the data center and note down the changes and report it for further analysis.

  • What is air balancing and how is it done?

We have special equipments for air balancing. Locations to place these will depend on the CFD analysis result and it is our Intellectual Property and Value proposition.

  • Other than air balancer, are there any other measures to control the air flow? What is a riser ?

We have different type of solutions like risers, stoppers etc to manage air flow pattern. It depends on case to case basis how we deploy it.